How to Connect iDEAL Payments with Stan

Heads up! In order to use iDEAL with Stan, the following must be true:

  1. Your customers must be located in the Netherlands to use iDEAL
  2. Your Stan Store currency must be in Euros

Good news! If you are from the Netherlands and would like to use iDeal to accept payments now you can! Just follow the simple instructions below!

Connect to Stripe

You can access your Stripe Custom account from your Stan dashboard by going following the steps below:

  1. Login to Stan and click on Settings in the bottom left
  2. Select Payments from the top tabs.
  3. Click on the Manage Account button next to Stripe.

  1. Once you click on Manage Account, you should notice a pop up window that will ask you to sign into your Stripe Custom account

  1. Once you're signed into your Stripe custom account, you will be able to edit your public details, personal details, your payout details and more. Click on the pencil icon to update your payout details successfully.
  2. Reminder: You will not be able to login from the normal or Stripe Mobile App to view and/or manage your Stan Stripe account. Instead, you'll need to login to Stan to do so by following the steps above.

Set your Store Currency to Euros

Once Stripe is connected, you'll want to make sure your Stan store currency is in Euros!

Go back to Manage Stripe & Add Additional Information

You'll want to click on the Manage Account button next to Stripe, login to your account, and double-check that all your information is verified and up to date! Having iDeal may require you to re-enter information / add new information!

After you've completed all the required steps, you can take a peek at your live Stan store checkout to see iDEAL!

Reminder! You must be located in the Netherlands to see iDeal on your Checkout

iDeal is Not Available in Select Product Types

At this time Ideal is not available for Membership products or Funnels.

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