How to Create a Funnel

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What is a Funnel? 

Funnels are very similar to your My Store tab, but instead a Funnel focuses on selling one digital product at a time.  A Funnel is primarily used for running campaigns, or when you'd like to direct your audience's attention to only one product, as opposed to giving them multiple options like on your store. With a Funnel, you also have the ability to add an Upsell and a Thank You page.

How to Create Your First Funnel

Adding your first Product to your Funnel:

  1. Go to My Funnels in your Stan Dashboard and click + Create New Funnel

  1. Choose what kind of product you want to create (Digital Download, Calendar Booking, etc)

  1. Create your product as you would in your My Store tab.

Adding Your Second Product (Upsell) to Your Funnel:

  1. Next, if you'd like to add a 2nd product to your funnel (as an upsell), click +Add Page

  1. Choose what type of product you'd like to create. We recommend adding something that is complimentary to your first offer, for a discounted rate.

  1. Create your product as you would in your My Store tab and make sure to save. Rinse and repeat to add more products!

A Great Funnel Example:

First Product

  • Purchase my "Accounting Basics for New Small Biz Owners" Guide ($19)

Second Product (Upsell)

  • But WAIT - Add on my "Accounting Balance Sheet Template" for only ($5.99) to start tracking your business transactions today!

Confirmation Page

  • You can continue adding products if you'd like. We recommend adding no more than 2-3 products in a Funnel.

Your Confirmation Page in your Funnel:

  1. Your confirmation page will include a button to download any (and all) digital products that were purchased during the checkout process.
  2. Customers will also receive an email with any purchases made.
  3. The confirmation page is not customizable.

Adding a Funnel as a Product to Your Stan Store

You can add a Funnel to your Stan Store by following these simple steps:

1. Copy the Funnel URL.

2. Go to the My Store tab, click + Add Product

3. Select Add External URL/Link product

4. Paste the Funnel URL in the Button URL text box and click Save!

🚨 Please note:

  1. You cannot add an existing store product into your Funnel. If you want to add a product into a Funnel, you'll need to manually recreate it instead the Funnel itself.

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