​How to Sync Your Google Calendar with Stan

If you plan on offering coaching calls or webinars, we recommend connecting Stan to your Google Calendar so your customers can only book with you during your available times. Our integration will avoid double-booking and take away the headache of back and forth scheduling with your audience! 

1. Go to your Settings page

2. Select the Integrations tab and click +Connect under Google Calendar

3. Allow for all Google Permissions and press 'Continue'

Stan will now send Google Calendar Invites with a Google Meet or Zoom link embedded automatically on your behalf every time you receive a booking! 

Advanced Calendar Settings

If you use multiple calendars within Google to manage your schedule, you can select which calendars are being used to calculate availability by following these instructions:

  1. Select the calendar Settings

  1. By default we save your Appointments booked to the primary calendar of the connected Google Account. Next, you can select which other calendars you'd like Stan to check availability from when customers book appointments.

Please Note: The Saving Appointments To field cannot be changed, however the Check availability from field will select the Primary Calendar by default but can be modified at anytime.

  1. From the dropdown, select the calendar you'd like to have checked when customers are booking appointments with you. By selecting this calendar, it will ensure you are never over booked!

    Below is an example of checking our Personal and School calendar availability when customers attempt to book.

Disconnecting Your Google Calendar From Stan

1. To disconnect your calendar, click the Disconnect button

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