What is Stan's Referral or Affiliate Program?

Earn Recurring, Passive Income Every Month

As a Stan Customer, you will receive 20% of every Stan Subscription you generate in perpetuity. This is entirely passive, recurring income for you.

Stan currently has 4 different plans, so you have the opportunity to receive up to $189 for every referral you drive through your referral link as long as that referral is subscribed.

How to Refer a Friend to Stan

In order to participate in our Referral Program, you must first be a Stan customer. To signup for a Stan account, visit our website here.

Option A

  1. Login to your Stan account and click on My Store tab
  2. Scroll down and click the +Add Product button at the bottom
  3. Select the product that says Stan Affiliate Link
  4. Now that your affiliate link is added to your Stan Store, anyone who visits your store and signs up for Stan using your link will be tracked as one of your affiliates!

Option B

  1. Login to your Stan account, click on the Referrals tab on the lefthand side
  2. Locate your Referral Link on the righthand side
  3. Click the Copy button and share directly with anyone you think would be a great fit!

🚨Heads up: If you update your username, your referral link will also update alongside that. Make sure to repost your new referral link following those changes so that you continue to receive credit for your referrals!!

Your previous referrals will not be affected and we can continue to track those. 🀩

Referral Commission Breakdown

Depending on the plan level that your referrer signs up for, you can make one of the following for every referral that joins Stan!

Payout Monitoring & Process

You can view your Referral progress anytime via the Referral tab in the Stan dashboard.

Your referrals must be an active subscriber in order to receive commission. You'll receive your referral commission once your referral's subscription becomes active. This happens after their 14 day free trial is complete! For example, if your referral signed up for Stan on January 1, you wouldn't see them in your Referral tab and receive commission until January 15.

Your payouts will be handled through Stripe, which can be cashed out in your My Income tab. Referral commissions are normally processed every 3-5 business days. If you do not receive your commission payout within this time period, it's likely due to our Stan's available funds in PayPal. Every month, we load X amount of funds into our PayPal account to process referral commissions. If these funds run out before the end of the month, we need to wait until the following month to refill the account and continue processing commission payouts. This may mean a longer waiting period between commission payouts!

If you cancel your Stan account, you will not continue receiving referral commission!

🚨 Heads up! Stan's Referral Policy states the following:

  1. We will not make any changes to referrals if it's been over 45 days (2 week free trial + first 30 days) since the initial signup date.
  2. If a referrer reaches out to update a referral, we will not make any changes unless the ask is coming directly from the referral.
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