What does my Course look like from the Customer Point of View?

So you've created your course, what exactly does your customer see after they purchase?

Step 1: Purchase from your Stan Store. Like any other product on Stan, your customer will need to sign up for your course (free or paid) from your Stan Store checkout page:

Step 2: Your customer will land on a confirmation page where they can immediately access your course by clicking on the button that say Start Now:

Additionally, your customer will receive an email confirmation with a link to access the course like below:

Step 3: Once ready, your customer can click on either of the access links and will be taken to the first video in your course: 

As they watch each video, they will be able to move onto the next lesson by clicking the Next button, or by selecting the next Lesson on the Outline to the right.

If you try using the link to the course from another device or browser, you will be sent an email with a link for you to reset a password.

How do I view my own course like a student?

The only way to do this without using a 100% off Discount Code, would be to change your price on the course to free for just a minute, just enough time for you to go to the front of your store and "purchase" the course for yourself using your name and email. And as soon as that is done, change the course back to the original price. 

See a live course in action, click here to sign-up!

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