How to Create a Custom Product

Are you drowning in DMs from your followers asking for your advice?

We Creators love helping our followers as much as we can, but the more we grow, the more impossible it becomes to answer everyone!

Custom Products are one of  the easiest ways to start monetizing. Your audience can pay you to answer their question and you can send them back a personalized video response, Audits/Analyses, Video Reviews, etc. The possibilities are endless!

How to add this Product to your Store

1. Click + Add Product
2. Choose Custom Product
3. Next, edit your Thumbnail Preview details by adding an Image, Heading, Subheading (optional) and Button Title. Depending on whether you choose Button or Callout, that's how it'll display on your storefront.

4. Edit your Checkout Page details in the Product Description. If you want to make use of the Generate with AI button, make sure you have your social media accounts connected to your store. Our AI feature pulls content straight from your posts to compile a description that's most relevant to you and your product!

  1. Depending on which plan you're on, you'll have some additional features in the Advanced tab.

  1. Click Publish at the very bottom!

What happens when someone purchases my Personalized Video Response?

1. Once you receive an order, you’ll immediately receive an email with your Order Details as well as a button to Fulfill Your Order.

2. Record your video and click  Fulfill Order to upload your video response. Stan will then send it directly to your customer.
3. Your customer will receive an email with the video so they can download and watch!

💯 Success Tip

Be sure to set the expectation of when your customers can expect a video response from you (i.e. within 48 hrs). This will create an all around better customer experience so your customer approximately knows when they should hear back from you!
You can add this disclaimer directly on your Product Description or the confirmation email.

❗️Heads Up❗️

We will send you that reminder email as a general recommendation to fulfill your order within 5 days, but you are welcome to send it at your own pace. Only you can see that recommendation!

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