Affiliate Share Feature

Creator Pro Feature✨

This feature is only available on the Creator Pro plan. To upgrade visit your Settings tab in your account, or click here to learn more.

What is the Affiliate Share Feature?

The Affiliate Share feature allows you to create affiliate links for each of your digital products, then distribute them to other Stan users to share on their Stan Store! You have the freedom to choose what commission percentage you'd like to give to each affiliate you choose. 

This feature gives you the ability to market your products to other Stan users audiences with little effort on your part, AND gives you the ability to reward your affiliates with commission!

How to Create an Affiliate Link for Your Digital Product

1. Click on the My Store tab, then select the product you'd like to create the affiliate link for.

2. Select the tab that says Options > then select Affiliate Share.

3. Next, click +Add Affiliate Link and type in the % you would like to commission your affiliate when a sale is made.

Keep in mind, you can create as many affiliate links as you'd like, using as many different commission percentages.

4. Next, click on the link itself or select the “…” and click Copy URL. Once the URL is copied, share with as many Stan users as you'd like so they can add to their Stan Store.

5. Your affiliate will now need to add this link to their Stan Store using an External Link/ URL product like below:


How does someone use the affiliate link I give to them?

In order for someone to qualify as an affiliate user they must:

  • Be an active Stan customer 
  • Add your affiliate link to their Stan Store

🚨 Your affiliate will only receive commission if they add your link to their Stan store!

If your affiliate shares your affiliate link anywhere except their Stan Store (via text, email, their own website, etc), they will not receive commission because there will be no way to track where the sale came from. You as the Creator will receive 100% of the sale and the affiliate will receive 0%. 

What happens if I update or delete my digital product that has an affiliate link associated with it?

If you update or delete a product that has an affiliate link attached to it and someone purchases your product through that affiliate link, your affiliate may receive an invalid link code or deleted link code email.  

If this does happen, this means your affiliate will not receive any commission. They will be prompted to reach out to you directly to resolve this issue.

In most instances, all you need to do is send them a new affiliate link and decide if you would like to manually pay them their commission. 

How does the payout for the affiliate transaction work?

Once a customer has purchased your product using an affiliate link, you will see the transaction inside your My Income tab, along with the affiliate's name next to it.

Stripe will hold onto these funds (in USD) for both parties for 30 days before initiating a payout. The reason for this is to ensure that no refunds occur within the first 30 days of the transaction being processed. This way, if a refund needs to be processed, the funds are easily accessible.

Your transactions will be visible in the Held By Stan section:

To view when your affiliate transactions will be paid out, you can click on the Balance Still Held By Stan revenue amount and view all transactions like below:

How do Stripe's and PayPal's transaction fees work with the Affiliate Share feature?

The creator who has made the product will get charged all transaction fees from Stripe and PayPal associated with the payment. The affiliate will not be charged any fee and will instead get their share according to the commission.

There are no additional fees associated with Affiliate Shares, the fees are the same as for any other transaction. Read more about the fees here - Stan, Stripe & Paypal Transaction Fees.

🚨 Heads up! Affiliate share is not available for the following...

  • Funnels
  • Order bumps
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