How to Build & Launch Your Stan Store in 30 Mins 🚀

You're busy - we totally get it! So let's skip all the unnecessary steps and get straight to business. Watch these 4 quick clips that will tell you EXACTLY what to do in order to launch and make money today!

🎨 Customize Your Store

Go to the My Store tab on the lefthand side and click on the pencil icon next to your name. This will allow you to edit your profile picture, name, bio, and add your social links. Make sure you save!

You can also make your way to the Edit Design tab to choose a theme, colors, and a font! Here's a bit more info if you're curious.

🛠️ Build Your Products

Let's get you to that first $100! We recommend having anywhere from 3-6 products in your store that consists of the following products:

High Ticket Item - Coaching Calls, Coaching Packages, or Webinars

Offering followers the ability to book a 1:1 call on your calendar is another one of the easiest products to sell, that takes 0 effort on your part! The "product" is literally just your time and expertise. Your followers want to spend time with you and would love to pay for time on your calendar. You can set up a Calendar Booking page on Stan and immediately start collecting payments for bookings. This is a great way to start understanding what your followers are willing to pay for.

Pricing: $30-70 per hour for starter coaches, and $100+ for advanced coaches, with the top reaching around $1,000 per hour.

Medium Ticket Item - Personalized Video Responses, Courses, and Memberships

If you're drowning in DMs from your followers asking for your advice, then this is the quickest offer you can set up and sell (literally within minutes of setting up a Stan Store). We Creators love helping our followers as much as we can, but the more we grow, the more impossible it becomes to answer everyone. The solution? Sell personalized 'Ask Me Anything' video responses, or just personalized videos reviewing someone's situation! This means your inbox gets fewer DMs, your most dedicated fans get your advice, AND you make more money.

Pricing: $5-40 per video, depending on your demand

Low Ticket Item - Digital Downloads

You'll notice a lot of your followers always ask you the same 2-3 questions. Rather than typing out the same DM, compile your knowledge into an eBook or Guide and sell it at scale. This way, you don't have to constantly repeat yourself in your DMs and have the ability to help people with a much more in-depth answer while making passive income. Use Canva and keep things short and sweet! Leave your audience wanting more!

Pricing: This varies widely by niche, but we recommend anywhere between $5-29 as your entry-priced product.

Collecting Emails

As a Creator, you need a direct relationship with your audience. You can do this by building an email or SMS list directly from Stan. This will allow you to speak to your audience whenever you want, and not worry about an "algorithm" not showing off your content


As a Stan Customer, you will receive 20% of every Stan Subscription you generate in perpetuity. This is entirely passive, recurring income for you. Stan currently has 4 different plans, so you have the opportunity to receive up to $189 for every referral you drive through your referral link as long as that referral is subscribed.

External Link or URL Product

It's as straight forward as it sounds! Add ANY external link or URL you'd like to your Stan Store! 

➡️ Next up: Connecting Your Favorite Tools with Stan

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